There isn’t really much to talk about with me. In August of 2015 I was talking to a good friend of mine about how we both wished we could finish some of our projects. After some deliberation it was decided that we lacked the proper motivation. Her solution? A punishment game.

The idea behind the punishment game is simple. We either post an update for one of our projects by a set date each month on whichever platform we choose (or to each other)…or suffer the punishment the other comes up with. This could be reading something from an author we hate (and having to write a POSITIVE review of it) to watching a TV show that we hate. Since there are several authors that I’d rather eat broken glass and stab out my eyes than read I’ve been punctual in my updates.

This year though, I have a different goal in mind. I want to finish one my projects. This is proving difficult due to my horrible case of sequelitis. My one shot stories that should end have been turning into book series. Once it becomes a series I have to go back and adjust the beginning and plan out how the long term plotlines will intertwine with the short term ones and which way characters will develop…and I just succeeded in giving myself a headache. Really need to stop doing that. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to visit here with me and take my charcters for a spin. Enjoy!